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In Progress: March 2014

The list is growing with customers that I’m building basses for in 2014 as well as potential 2015 customers that want to update on the 2014 progress. What I have concentrated on since the last update on necks was to shift to my full focus on the first six basses on the 2014 list. It’s actually grown to eight, but who’s counting? I often like to get to some major milestone before I do an update, but there is a flow going on and there is just no point where all basses are at the same stage.

This update is intended to give the flavor of the variety of things I’m doing as I attempt to finalize the first six basses before jumping onto the next six. (or seven or eight. Every time I seem to make a rule, I break it) Last year I pretty much built 27 basses all at the same time. Madness I tell you!! They all got done, but it felt like everything was going way too slow. This time, I will concentrate on smaller groups, finish, ship, and go to the next group. It already feels better to me in that I have more of a variety and more of a feeling of progress and completion.

This first photo looks like it’s far along, but other than the top Koa bass, all the others have bodies of unglued sandwiches. I have just cut out the layers and set them with the floor with the necks, and fret board and headstock blocks to start to give the eventual feeling of each bass.

In Progress: March 2014 | Main Image

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