Ordering A Wyn

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If you are interested in a custom-made Wyn bass, please fill out the form below and get as far as you can. From this, you can get a good idea of the estimated costs of each model with available options. There will ultimately be questions about tone, playability, electronics, woods, etc. I'm happy to jump in and answer them and to suggest the best choices to achieve your desired results. So view this as your first stab at assembling your bass, as a work in progress, or at minimum, a starting point. Together we can take it from there.

- Randall Wyn Fullmer

All Wyn Basses include the following:

  • Completely hand built in the USA
  • Premium hardwood body top with matching headstock which includes ( AAA Bubinga, AAA Quilted or Flamed Maple, AAA Wenge, AAA Claro Walnut, AAA Padauk, AAA Heartwood Cocobolo, AAA solid Sapele Mahogany, AAA solid Swamp Ash.
  • Two layers included (top and body)
  • Full neck through construction with highly figured premium neck woods.
  • Multi-lamination TAPER CORE quarter sawn neck assemblies.
  • Hand cut genuine unbleached bone nut, (brass also available +25.00), two way truss rod.
  • 12" to 18" compound radius.
  • 24 fret finger board w/ plastic, abalone, or mother of pearl edge markers. (Luminlay glow in the dark markers with charging light +40.00)
  • Hipshot ultralight tuning machines.
  • Hipshot A style fully adjustable aluminum bridge with brass saddles. (Kahler bridge required for 16mm spacing and is additional)
  • Two Nordstrand FatStack dual coil/single coil switchable pickups or two Nordstrand Big Single single coil pickups with full shielding and black plastic pickup covers.
  • Full 6 pot active/passive control setup.
  • Choice of Aguilar OBP-3 or Nordstrand 3 band cut boost pre-amps, 9 volt set up. (18 volt +$45.00)
  • Custom hardwood truss rod cover and electronic cavity cover.
  • Multi-coat hand rubbed Poly Oil Finish.
  • Choice of inset or conventional Dunlop strap locks.
  • Instructions, a can of wax with polishing cloths, adjustment tools, a cool Wyn T-shirt, Levy Leather fully leather padded strap with Wyn logo and a basic gig back are also included.

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Bass Model

The Neck

Neck Woods of interest to you:

Certain combinations such as all Wenge or all Wenge and Bubinga will be more. A discussion will be necessary to nail down the exact woods, lamination order, and pattern.

* = must be clear coated

Names, words and graphics are priced individually based on complexity and number of frets covered.

The Body

The Electronics

Body Options

Fully insured FedEx shipping will be calculated at the time of shipment. You will only be charged the exact amount that FedEx charges Wyn Guitars for shipping.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge the estimated total of options selected is not a hard and fast quote. While we have tried to craft this form to arrive at the most accurate estimate we can, all custom-made guitars have some degree of variability, which will be discussed and approved by you prior to beginning work on your new Wyn.

Estimated Total of Options Selected: