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Wyn Tone Demonstration Video

I’ve been thinking for quite some time that a “tone demonstration video” for the web site was long overdue. So, I recently gathered some friends in my shop to collaborate on this video. It’s purpose was to answer using audio and video rather than words, many of the questions that potential customers almost always seem to ask. How many tones can I get out of a Wyn bass? If it plays great slap and pop, will it also produce mellow R&B tones? Describe the difference in tone you get from one of your fretless basses. Talk about a fool’s errand to put all of that into words!! I was writing way too many emails that weren’t really doing the job.

Fortunately I’m smart enough not to attempt the demonstration myself. I talked my talented Brazilian friend Isaias Elpes (who recently finished two years of study with the master Abraham Laboriel) to do the demos. Two Wyn guitars are going direct into the mixing board, that’s it. No compression, effects or processing. Enjoy!!

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