In consideration of ever-changing costs on supplies, some prices listed here have been adjusted to reflect recent upgrades, some have been lowered where possible, and some have stayed the same. While I strive to give customers the best value I possibly can in every custom Wyn bass guitar I make, I won’t compromise or cut corners on materials.

Randall Wyn Fullmer

All Wyn Basses include the following:

  • Completely hand built in the USA
  • Premium hardwood body top with matching headstock which includes ( AAA Bubinga, AAA Quilted or Flamed Maple, AAA Wenge, AAA Claro Walnut, AAA Padauk, AAA Heartwood Cocobolo, AAA solid Sapele Mahogany, AAA solid Swamp Ash.
  • Two layers included (top and body)
  • Full neck through construction with highly figured premium neck woods.
  • Multi-lamination TAPER CORE quarter sawn neck assemblies.
  • Hand cut genuine unbleached bone nut, (brass also available +25.00), two way truss rod.
  • 12″ to 18″ compound radius.
  • 24 fret finger board w/ plastic, abalone, or mother of pearl edge markers. (Luminlay glow in the dark markers with charging light +40.00)
  • Hipshot ultralight tuning machines.
  • Hipshot A style fully adjustable aluminum bridge with brass saddles. (Kahler bridge required for 16mm spacing and is additional)
  • Two Nordstrand FatStack dual coil/single coil switchable pickups or two Nordstrand Big Single single coil pickups with full shielding and black plastic pickup covers.
  • Full 6 pot active/passive control setup.
  • Choice of Aguilar OBP-3 or Nordstrand 3 band cut boost pre-amps, 9 volt set up. (18 volt +$45.00)
  • Custom hardwood truss rod cover and electronic cavity cover.
  • Multi-coat hand rubbed Poly Oil Finish.
  • Choice of inset or conventional Dunlop strap locks.
  • Instructions, a can of wax with polishing cloths, adjustment tools, a cool Wyn T-shirt, Levy Leather fully leather padded strap with Wyn logo and a basic gig back are also included.
String Count

4 String: $2990.00
5 String: $3390.00
6 String: $3790.00
7 String: $4190.00
8 String: $4590.00


Double Cut Fretted
Double Cut Fretless (w/ lines)
Double Cut Fretless (w/out lines)
Single Cut Fretted: +$350.00
Single Cut Fretless (w/ lines): +$350.00
Single Cut Fretless (w/o lines): +$350.00


Right or Left

Scale Lengths Available



Curt Mangan Stainless
Curt Mangan Nickel
Dunlop Stainless
Dunlop Nickel
Dean Markley SR2000 Stainless: +$20.00
GHS Tapewound: +30.00
LaBella Tapewound: +$40.00

The Neck

Neck woods

Eastern Hard Highly Figured Maple
Quarter Sawn Wenge
Purple Heart
Discussion necessary to nail down the woods, lamination order and pattern.

String spacing / neck width at nut

4 string – 9mm spacing – 1 1/2″
5 string – 7.5mm spacing – 1 1/2″
5 string – 8mm spacing – 1 9/16″
5 string – 9mm spacing – 1 11/16″
6 string – 7.5mm spacing – 1 3/4″
6 string – 8mm spacing – 1 7/8″
6 string – 9mm spacing – 2 1/16″
7 string – 7mm spacing – 1 15/16″
7 string – 8mm spacing – 2 3/16″
7 string – 9mm spacing – 2 3/8″

Bridge spacing / width (center of high string to center of low string)

4 string – 19mm spacing – 3″
5 string – 16mm spacing – 2 1/2″ width (+100.00 – Kahler bridge and milling required)
5 string – 17mm spacing – 2 11/16″ width
5 string – 18mm spacing – 2 7/8″ width
5 string – 19mm spacing – 3″ width
6 string – 16mm spacing – 3 3/16″ width (+100.00 – Kahler bridge and milling required)
6 string – 17mm spacing – 3 3/8″ width
6 string – 18mm spacing – 3 9/16″ width
6 string – 19mm spacing – 3 3/4″ width
7 string – 16mm spacing – 3 13/16″ width (+100.00 – Kahler bridge and milling required)
7 string – 17mm spacing – 4 1/16″ width
7 string – 18mm spacing – 4 1/4″ width
7 string – 19mm spacing – 4 1/2″ width

Fretboard wood

Figured Maple: +$100
Bird’s Eye Maple: +$150
Figured Bubinga: +$100.00
Figured Heart and Sap Bubinga: +$200.00
Cocobolo – Highly Figured: +$100.00
Highly Figured Cocobolo Heart/Sap: +$200.00
AAAAA Indian Rosewood
AAAAA Macassar ebony: +$100.00
Pau Ferro: +50

Fretboard markers

Abalone Dot Marker: +$150.00
Mother of Pearl Dot Marker: +$150.00

Custom inlay

Names, words and graphics are priced individually based on complexity and number of frets covered. (additional deposit required)

Fretboard wood change at 12th fret


Back of headstock lamination to match front


Lamination over neck back


Lamination over neck front


The Body

Top Wood Choices

Bubinga AAA
Bubinga AAAAA: +200.00
Buckeye Burl (ask for availability and price at time of order)
Cocobolo: +$100
Cocobolo heart/sap combination: +$250.00
Koa AAA: +$200
Koa AAAAA: +$400.00
Bird’s Eye Maple: +$100.00
AAAAA Burl Maple: +$250.00
Flamed Maple AAA
Flamed Maple AAAAA: +$225.00
Quilted Maple AAA
Quilted Maple AAAAA: +$250.00
Spalted Maple +$250.00
AAAAA Redwood: +$200.00
AAAAA Redwood Burl +$300.00
Claro Walnut
Claro Walnut AAAAA: +$250.00
Claro Walnut Burl: +350.00
AAAAA Figured Wenge: +$200
Figured Myrtlewood: +$200.00
AAAAA Myrtlewood Burl +$350.00
Ziricote: +$200.00
Heart and Sap Ziricote (ask for availability and price)

Tone Layer

Claro Walnut

Body Core

Spanish Cedar
Swamp Ash
African Mahogany

Back Tone Layer

Claro Walnut

Back Wood

Match top wood, contrast top wood

Body Layer count

1 or 2 layers: included
3 layers: +$100.00
3 layers Top, core and matching back: +$200.00
4 layers: +$275.00
5 layers: +$325.00

Full top option

Neck through body portion is completely covered by top): +200.00



Weight Issues

The goal for all bass guitars is a reasonable medium weight. Special issues can be addressed upon request.

Extra body carve

Tone layer reveal and or unusual butt end shaping: +$100.00 to $300.00, depending on design.

The Electronics

Electronic control configuration

6 knob full active passive is standard.

Piezo Bridge, Piezo pre-amp, mag to piezo to blend switching, blend control and 18 volt setup.


Mag Pre amp

Aguilar OBP-3 or Nordstrand 3 3 band: boost/cut 9 volt on board pre-amps.


Nordstrand FatStacks or Nordstrand Big Singles

Pickup Covers

Custom wood matching top: $100.00 each
Custom wood contrasting top: +$100.00 each

Body Options


Stock Rosewood knobs or stock Ebony knobs(included)
Custom Top Matching set of six: +$210.00
Custom Contrasting set of six: +$210.00


Ebony Finger Ramp: +$100.00
Matching Wood Ramp: +$100.00

Electronic Cavity Cover

Match back wood: +50.00

Truss rod cover

Match body top or Fretboard wood: +25.00

Hardware Finish

Black, Chrome + 75.00
Gold +$100

Neck Through String Option



Hipshot Ultralite tuning machines
Hipshot D-tuner: +$100

Strap Locks

Dunlop Dual Design or Dunlop Inset

Gig Bag Options

Basic gig bag included
Mono: +$150.00
Levy Leather: +$250.00

How to Order

If you’re interested in ordering a custom Wyn bass, please refer to the list of standard features as well as the various options to arrive at a ball park idea of what you’re interested in. Also it’s helpful to refer to the Wood section of this site for photographs, descriptions and tone characteristics for the many exotic hardwoods I use. Then contact me. I’m happy to brainstorm the many possibilities to help you arrive at a bass that’s exactly right for you. (I love that part of the process!)


Terms of Sale

Custom guitar pricing will be based on the standard models, adding credits and/or charges where applicable. Once we arrive at the right approach and a price is agreed to, I require a $1000.00 deposit to start. I will give you a schedule, and a firm completion date. The balance plus shipping is to be paid by money order or personal check in US dollars upon completion. Instruments sold within the state of California will have tax added to the total price.

Each guitar carries a five year warranty against material and construction defects to the original owner. Determining applicability of warranty is at my sole discretion. I have an excellent reputation for being fair.  

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ! Once work has started, the deposit is non-refundable. If final payment is not received within one month of completion, the guitar will be subject to sale. Since I will stick to the schedule, you will have a completion date and a clear lead time to financially prepare for your guitar’s completion.