Wyn Guitars Wood Stock

While the stock market was plunging, I decided to invest in my favorite commodity – exotic hardwoods. Over a three year period, I have amassed an impressive stock pile. This wood is stored in a controlled stable environment. The following is a listing of what I currently have in ample supply. In addition to these, please ask. I can acquire almost any other wood you’re interested in.

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Body Woods

Body Woods: Alder


subtle even grain, light to medium weight, full warm tone

Body Woods: African Mahogany

African Mahogany

ribbon striping to even grain, warm full tone, light to medium weight

Body Woods: Sapele


light to medium weight mahogany, warm full tone, great sustain, varies from swirling grain patterns to very even and smooth

Body Woods: Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar

Smooth mahogany like, pinkish red in color, lighter weight

Body Woods: Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash

pronounced grain pattern, light weight, punchy full warm sound

Top Woods

Top Woods: Bubinga


a dense strong wood with purplish to brownish tones, bright mid range, well defined solid bottom

Top Woods: Cocobolo Hardwood

Cocobolo Heartwood

highly figured, balanced clear sound, very attractive properties, considered the closest wood to Brazillian rosewood. dense, heavier in weight, finishes beautifully

Top Woods: Bubinga

Cocobolo Heartwood and Sapwood combination

ivory colored sapwood is slightly softer than red brown heartwood but still very hard – balanced clear sound

Top Woods: Koa


AAA and AAAAA grade. Multi colored and beautiful with a rippled flame figure. Warm full fundamental, with more upper mids than highs.

Top Woods: Lacewood


interesting dual density wood, reddish brown "framework" is very hard and bright while the lighter colored lace spots are softer giving a full warm sound from this medium to light weight wood.


hard varieties have bright highs, strong upper mids, and tightly focused lows.

Top Woods: Maple: Bird's Eye

Bird’s Eye

rare and attractive wood covered with tiny starter knots that look like tiny eyes

Top Woods: Maple: Burl


usually from base of tree, beautiful densely packed roots, multicolored multidirectional grain patterns

Top Woods: Maple: Flamed


– AAA and AAAAA grade – strong ripple, curl or striping patterns of light and dark

Top Woods: Maple: Quilted

Quilted maple

– undulating grain patterns, three dimensional cloud pattern look

Top Woods: Maple: Spalted


when a tree is just starting to turn from fungus, minerals in the tree are pushed to grain borders producing interesting black outlines with graphic color variations in the wood. Must be harvested at just the right time or wood can become punk, best with hard shell, clear coat finish

Top Woods: Padouk


bright orange red wood, oxidizes to a warm red brown. Bright even sound

Top Woods: Redwood


figured, burl, and straight even grained, tonally warm, rich and mellow

Top Woods: Clairo Walnut

Clairo Walnut

AAA and AAAAA grade, intense and beautiful grain patterns, darker sound

Top Woods: Wenge


beautiful chocolate with black grain, very porous. Tonally, it has attitude, a pleasing complex warm growl.

Neck Woods

Typically, the necks I make are of seven piece laminations for strength and stability. Wood choices are also a critical tone and design element in the overall composition.

Neck Woods: Bubinga


Strong and stiff wood. Bright midrange and a thick focused bottom

Neck Woods: Eastern Hard Maple

Eastern Hard Maple

Accentuates high and high midrange tones, traditional neck material, hard and strong

Neck Woods: Padouk


Red orange to orange brown. Very stable with similar tone properties to hard maple

Neck Woods: Wenge


Strong porous chocolate and black wood. Very strong midrange and a warm rounded bottom

Fingerboard Woods

Maple fingerboards are clear or tint coated. All other fingerboards come with a penetrating fingerboard oil treatment.

Fingerboard Woods: Figured Maple

Figured Maple

Light in color, very hard, bright in tone.

Fingerboard Woods: Bird's Eye Maple

Bird’s Eye Maple

Beautiful light to medium tan in color, very hard, bright in tone.

Fingerboard Woods: Bubinga


Purple to brown, smooth grain patterns, bright mids, thick focused bottom.

Fingerboard Woods: Cocobolo


Red orange and purple to browns and blacks. Very hard, dense and smooth, clear in tone. Considered to be the wood that’s most similar to Brazillian rosewood.

Fingerboard Woods: Cocobolo Heartwood and Sapwood Combination

Cocobolo Heartwood and Sapwood combination

Red brown and purple to ivory and cream. Often stunning organic graphic figure, clear in tone.

Fingerboard Woods: Indian Rosewood

Indian Rosewood

Orange browns to shades of purple. Warm and distinct in tone.

Fingerboard Woods: Macassar Ebony

Macassar Ebony

Extremely hard dense wood, varies from black to black with lighter brown and grey striping, bright clear percussive tone.

Fingerboard Woods: Padouk


Red orange to red brown, bright tone properties similar to hard maple.

Fingerboard Woods: Pau Ferro

Pau Ferro

Nice even grained wood. Tone properties are half way between Rosewood and Ebony, with more attack than Rosewood and warmer than Ebony.

Fingerboard Woods: Wenge


Chocolate and black, very porous. Soaks up sweat and plays very easily as a fingerboard, strong midrange, warm rounded bottom.