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The Class of 2013! A Peek at Twenty Seven Basses in Progress

For whatever reason, I have arrived at a group of twenty seven basses that I’m currently working on. I think I started out with twelve and I just kept adding as the orders came in. According to my calculations, just a couple shy of a nervous breakdown, I somehow stopped adding at twenty seven.

This first photo shows how the bass components have taken over my work bench. Seriously, I’m working on a couple of sawhorses wondering how my work bench turned into a giant storage unit!!

The Class of 2013!

Below there are twenty seven “mug shots”. At this point the necks are put together as a laminated block. The body wings the same. It’s the first time I can set the major component pieces together and we can all see it’s going to be a bass guitar one day!! (the tops haven’t been sanded and there’s no finish on them. Just dry wood but you can already see how incredible the grain will be once they have a final finish.) I have listed the guitar top wood with each photo.

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